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BRC Certification (Packaging)

Spikomat products are BRC accredited as Food Packaging and other Packaging Materials (Issue 4 – February 2011) We are category: high hygiene risk, which covers “The supply of wooden and bamboo skewers and wooden Kidei ™ products for food presentation”

It is vital for retailers to have confidence in their suppliers and it’s equally important for suppliers to be able to demonstrate the quality of their work to retailers. The BRC’s range of Global Standards enables both sides to achieve their aim by establishing a set of objectives, which, once achieved, guarantee a certain standard of product.

In order to make the process of achieving certification as straightforward as possible, the BRC has introduced a series of Guidelines that provide practical advice on implementing the various requirements within the Standards. The Guidelines help producers and manufacturers of all sizes and levels of experience to approach the certification process with confidence.

For more information you can click through to http://www.brcdirectory.com.


ETI / Social Accountability Audit

What is social accountability?
Social accountability is the assessment and ongoing monitoring of working conditions in manufacturing environments. Our social standards address the following:

– Child labor
– Freedom of Association
– Non discrimination
– Wages and benefits
– Working hours
– Forced labor and discipline practices
– Abuse and harassment
– Health and safety
– Environment
– Subcontracting practices

What are the key benefits?
A strong and on-going social accountablity program can help your company:

– Strengthen and protect your brand image and reputation
– Minimize/manage liability from your international supply chain
– Ensure long-term relations with suppliers and continued development in the area of social accountability
– Satisfy stakeholders including investors, customers, regulators, activists, labor unions and the news media.


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