Bamboo for Innovative Catering

Spikomat have discovered the aesthetic and durable qualities of using Bamboo for the majority of our speciality skewers to be used in Innovative Catering and Hospitality events. But you may be thinking it isn’t very environmentally friendly. You could be wrong.

Bamboo is a highly renewable alternative to timber because don’t forget it’s not a wood, but a species of grass, so it grows incredibly fast – and never needs replanting therefore reducing our reliance on valued timber as well as being a vital aid to water and land conversation efforts around the world. Bamboo offers vital economic and ecological benefits to the lives of millions of people.

Apart from the sustainable situation, it also absorbs little moisture minimizing shrinking, swelling and warping and is naturally stain resistant. It actually sometimes costs less compared to like-for-like products made out of Birchwood.

There has been much press about recently with regards to Catering and Events going “Greener”. RSVP magazine this month featured a few editorials regarding this topic and makes a very interesting read surrounding sustainable resources and environmentally friendly packaging. The Spikomat skewers website has an easy search option where you can type in “bamboo” and it will highlight many products for you to choose from.

Buying Bamboo kebabs, speciality skewers or accessories is surely a greener, more sustainable and better option than wood. Spikomat skewers vary in lengths that are suitable for many hospitality purposes. Chocolate fountains, buffet foods, snacks, Bar- B-Q kebab skewers and finger foods are amongst the many occasions where Spikomat Bamboo Skewers may be of use.


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