Sustainable Products for Catering

More and more consumers are becoming aware of choosing Sustainable products. The public prefers sustainable products and will pay somewhat more for them than conventional products. They have cheaper raw materials, less liability, fewer regulatory constraints, and faster product time to market. Sustainable products have more value than like – for – like conventional products on the market.

At Spikomat, we are increasingly been asked for as much literature as possible to give to our Catering, Hospitality and Events customers. They in turn can portray this to their consumer or end retailer. It seems that today, it’s not just the aesthetic creations that are important, but the environmental concerns as well.

Sustainability is defined by Brundtland as ‘meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs’. But you may be wondering how Catering and Hospitality events can take this into account. Two simple ways are as follows:

Choose your materials carefully. The majority of our products are made from Bamboo. It is a highly renewable alternative to timber because it is a grass, grows incredibly fast and never needs replanting and offers vital economic and ecological benefits to the lives of millions of people around the world. Bamboo is an important and plentiful non-timber, non-petroleum resource. When made from non-treated Birchwood or Bamboo it means that, even though disposable, products are easily re-cycled, not classed as resource intensive to manufacture and aren’t toxic when broken down.

Research the source as much as possible. Our source in China does their up-most to consider the economic, social and environmental issues surrounding the products and used raw materials, and they supply us with certificates to satisfy this. Spikomat have been assured by a UK third party organization that our certificates are the most assurance that we can get at this present time, as a means of guaranteeing that products come from legal and sustainable resources.
When buying products or wooden utensils, customers should look for FSC certification, PEFC certification, Ethical Audits symbols and Sustainable Declarations. When providing our Speciality Skewers, kebabs, wooden cutlery and display packaging be assured that these are topics that Spikomat have researched.

We strive to be as far ahead in ethical and environmental issues as possible and are always open for comments and feedback and we have dedicated news and pages on our website to guide customers on how they can choose sustainable resources.


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